Welcome to VGU

Dear Esteemed Participants, Colleagues, and Guests,

On behalf of Vietnam-German University, I would like to warmly welcome each of you to the 16th Asian Urbanization Conference on “Asian Urbanization: Forging a Livable and Sustainable Urban Future” – AUC2024.

It is second time we host this event, but this is the first time at our new campus, where it was designed to become sustainable, and we are committed to continually making it more sustainable. Today, we are honored to serve you in this venue for all scholars, experts, practitioners, and students from around the world to learn and share your ideas and work out solutions for sustaining our urban future.

Best Paper and Poster Awards

The 16th Asian Urbanization Conference (AUC 2024) not only brought together leading minds in urban studies but also showcased outstanding research through its Best Paper and Best Poster Awards. Here’s a glimpse at the brilliant works that were recognized:

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