Welcome to Vietnamese-German University

Dr. Ha Thuc Vien

Vice President

Welcome to Vietnamese-German University

Dear Esteemed Participants, Colleagues, and Guests,

On behalf of Vietnam-German University, I would like to warmly welcome each of you to the 16th Asian Urbanization Conference on “Asian Urbanization: Forging a Livable and Sustainable Urban Future” – AUC2024.

It is second time we host this event, but this is the first time at our new campus, where it was designed to become sustainable, and we are committed to continually making it more sustainable. Today, we are honored to serve you in this venue for all scholars, experts, practitioners, and students from around the world to learn and share your ideas and work out solutions for sustaining our urban future.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the next two days, I believe you will have the chance to engage in many activities, from meeting and talking with well-known keynote speakers, networking, and discussing with diverse participants, and experiencing the hospitality of our university and the vibrant culture of Vietnam.

Our organizing team had made considerable efforts to gather both iconic and young scholars to discuss important and timely issues. We expect that the diversity and depth of topics we share will help you to develop your career and enrich your experience. We hope you will take this opportunity not only to learn and share but also to strengthen our academic networks and collaboration.

Welcome again to VGU and thank you very much for being here.
We wish that you will have rewarding sessions and an enjoyable trip to Vietnam!

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