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B. Arch Nguyen Thuy An

University of Architecture HCMC

B. Arch Nguyen Thuy Bich Anh

University of Architecture HCMC

B. Arch Nguyen Ngoc Bao Phuong

University of Architecture HCMC

B. Arch Nguyen Tuan Khoi

University of Architecture HCMC

Dr. Tran Mai Anh

University of Architecture HCMC

About the speaker

B.Arch Nguyen Thuy An is currently a student pursuing a Master of Urbanism (Urban Design) at The University of Sydney.
She graduated with honors as an Architect of Urban Design from the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.
Her recent research focuses on learning and practicing bottom-up research and design, with a specific emphasis on Vietnam’s traditional urban villages. Her goal is to contribute to the development of urban convenience, health, and sustainability.

B.Arch Nguyen Thuy Bich Anh is a senior student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, specializing in Urban Design at the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City.
Her recent research is focused on integrative approaches, such as top-down methods, to resolve conflicting interests during the execution of large-scale development projects. Moreover, she uses bottom-up methods to study indigenous communities and their way of living, in order to identify potential places and suggest strategies based on area-based possibilities. Her research also delves into planning and development strategies for coastal areas, specifically in response to climate change and sea-level rise.

B.Arch Nguyen Ngoc Bao Phuong is now a student in Master of science of Urban and Regional planning and design for Sustainability in University of Florence.
She graduated as aa Architect of Urban Design (University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh city).
Her recent researches concentrate Vietnam traditional urban villages transformation and proposal with urbanization context, urban ecosystem planning.

B.Arch Nguyen Tuan Khoi is now a student in Master of science of Urban and Regional planning in Politecnico di Torino.
He graduated as an Architect of Urban Design (University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh city).
His recent researches concentrate traditional heritage of urban areas, water management, and urban environment in Vietnam and other countries with different cultures. His future orientation’s goals and objectives is an adapt to sea level rise urban areas, and landscape connecting people’s culture with the environment to raise awareness of environmental protection for residential.

PhD. Tran Mai Anh is a lecturer at Urban Planning Faculty and Vice director of Institute of International Education University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City (UAH).
She is an expert in urban planning and urban design with experiences in teaching, consulting in the field and especially with international collaboration.
She is the executive member of Young Urban planning network of ICCAPS (Japan-Korea-Taiwan-Vietnam city planning network); representative of Vietnam in APSA (Asia Planning School Association), executive member of VUPDA (Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, member of Scientific committee of Urban Planning Faculty.

Presentation highlights

  • What are the preserved values of a southern village – Phu Hoi?
  • What are their challenges and their causes for the next adaptive development?
  • What are options for urban design in this area?

Paper Abstract

Research on urban village transformation in airport city formation and sustainable adaptation strategies

Phu Hoi, an edge-of-industry urban village in Vietnam, possesses the distinct structure and characteristics of a southeastern village. However, in a moment of frantic rush towards modernization and massive economic growth, it is now confronted with the threat of homogenization of residential and spatial structure, leading to its role transformation and a monotonous urban image. To sustainably adapt to this overwhelming economic wave, this paper respectively examines the transformation that Phu Hoi has undergone in the past, present, and future in order to identify potential challenges and suggest the next possible development for this urban village. Through literature review, fieldwork research, and a questionnaire survey, this report refrains from providing specific proposals but rather argues for preserving local traditional elements as a means of achieving sustainable development for both urban villages and airport cities in the bigger picture. This study sheds light on the potential for sustainable development in urban design, offering valuable insights for researchers and practitioners in the field of urban planning and design.

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