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M.Sc. Pham Thi Ngoc Lien

Hanoi Architectural University

About the speaker

PhD. Student Pham Thi Ngoc Lien is lecturer of Urban Design Division in Faculty of Urban & Rural Planning, Hanoi Architectural University (HAU).

She graduated as M.A Arch. on Regional and Urban Planning in HAU (Hanoi Architectural University) & worked nearly 10 years in doing research and teaching in urban design and sustainable urban development.

Her recent research concentrates on urban design, urban planning, landscape of walking streets and sidewalks in order toward sustainable development, creating liveable and sociable cities for all.

Presentation highlights

  • How are sidewalks in the inner-city historic area?
  • Why do we make classification of sidewalks?
  • How will we create sidewalks to adapt to liveable and social city?

Paper Abstract

Adaptable sidewalk towards livable and sociable city

The main function of sidewalks is to primarily serve pedestrians, but in reality, sidewalks also serve as people’s livelihoods and as spaces for community interaction, fostering social and cultural life within the city. In addition, sidewalks are also the locations for urban utility infrastructure, advertising displays, lighting systems, water supply and drainage pipelines, or urban landscaping with attractive greenery. However, the uncontrolled use of sidewalk spaces directly affects pedestrian safety, impacts the urban aesthetics, and creates challenges for urban order management. Sidewalks are inherently vibrant spaces with diverse and rich activities, offering convenience, time efficiency, and reasonable costs, meeting people’s needs. Therefore, these activities persist alongside modern life. So, how can we balance the interests of businesses and pedestrians, economic benefits, and community welfare? This article will provide a comprehensive assessment and classification of sidewalks based on their architectural and landscape characteristics and the street network, proposing solutions to ensure the functionality of sidewalks and aim for a livable city.and sociable cities.

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