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Dr. Tran Hong Ngoc

Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam

About the speaker

Dr. Tran Hong Ngoc is lecturer of security, privacy and data science in the computer science program (CSE), Vietnamese German University (VGU). She received a Ph.D. diploma in Computer Science from the University of Insubria, Italy.

Her research interests include:

  • Privacy-preserving and applied cryptography in a variety of applications as reputation systems, social networks, mobile networks, data mining, healthcare, and smart cities.
  • Data analytics in healthcare systems, smart cities, and anomaly detection.
  • Blockchain-based models in healthcare systems and smart cities.

Presentation highlights

  • A model for the prediction of house prices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam using machine learning.
  • Ideas for further research works in the application of data mining and machine learning in real estate sector in Vietnam.

Paper Abstract

A Machine Learning model for house price prediction in Ho Chi Minh City

This research has the objective of developing a model for the prediction of house prices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, using machine learning. The dataset used in our paper was obtained from commercial websites with relevant features of real estate objects such as land area in squared meters, number of floors, year of construction, the width of the street on which a house is located, and distance between the house and the city center. As for the Machine Learning model, we chose Linear Regression algorithm for the sake of straightforward implementation and interpretation. The K-fold cross-validation was applied to avoid overfitting. Data collection and preprocessing, such as outlier detection and transformation for exploratory data analysis were implemented, as well as feature engineering steps. The evaluation of the model was done by calculating common performance metrics such as Standard Error, R-squared and adjusted R-squared. The results provide good predictions for the prices of houses in the selected areas of the city and identify useful ideas for further research in the application of data mining and machine learning in the real estate sector in Vietnam.

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