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Dr. Ravi Jayaweera is a researcher at the Technical University Lübeck, Germany.

He received his Doctorate in Earth System Sciences from the University of Hamburg for his work on urban sustainability transitions in Cambodia. Ravi also holds a MA in Urban Geography from the Humboldt University Berlin and a BA in Human Geography from the Goethe University Frankfurt. Besides his research activities, he has worked with policy consultancies and development organizations and advised local and federal governments on urban and environmental policies.

His current work concentrates on the geographies of sustainability transitions and the analysis of regional factors for eco-innovation and diffusion in the building sector of Vietnam. This work seeks to develop spatially and technology specific strategies for a transition towards circular, bio-based and resource-efficient practices in the urban built environment.

Presentation highlights

  • How do regional pre-conditions in different parts of Vietnam affect eco-innovation and transition processes towards bio-based, circular and resource efficient building practices?
  • What strategies can support just transition processes across building material innovations in heterogeneous regions of Vietnam?

Paper Abstract

Materializing material innovations: How to mainstream bio-based, recycled or circular building materials in Vietnam’s building system

High urbanization dynamics and major construction activities in its cities have highlighted the need for more sustainable building practices in Vietnam. While local innovation take place at the grassroots level, they are often struggling to break through as of today. Studies that analyse barriers to green or more sustainable building practices conventionally focus on the implementation of certified building projects. Here, we instead suggest to zoom into building material niches where bio-based, recycled or circular materials are developed that might or might not be part of certified building projects. This paper therefore studies material innovation processes in Vietnam and barriers for their main-streaming. Based on insights from the ongoing ReBuMat project, it suggests leverage points and strategies for the materialization of wider transformative change in the building and urban development system of Vietnam.

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