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Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tu

University of Transport and Communications

About the speaker

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tu is a lecturer at the University of Transport and Communications in Vietnam. She graduated as Ph.D on Transport Economic at the University Paris Pantheon Sorbonne, France in 2013. After receiving her doctoral degree, she participated in several scientific exchanges: the visiting researcher in the Laboratory of Transport Dynamic and Economic in 2017 in Paris; training course of future mobility in Germany. Currently, she do her research interest to the travel behavior and urban transport development. She also participates in teaching activities for third and final-year students in transport planning and logistics management.

Presentation highlights

  • How are high-rise building constructions currently managed in large urban areas?
  • What practical insights guide the management of high-rise construction to reduce traffic congestion?
  • How is Vietnam addressing traffic congestion through high-rise construction, and what recommendations are being considered?

Paper Abstract

Land-use regulation and traffic congestion mitigation: International experiences and recommendations for Vietnam cities

Traffic congestion poses a significant challenge for numerous cities worldwide, particularly those with compact urban layouts and high construction density. The primary objective of this study is to explore the effectiveness of land use regulation in addressing traffic congestion issues in both developed and de-
veloping cities. Specifically, the research investigates the impact of high-rise building regulation on traffic congestion in Vietnam, where urban areas grapple with this problem. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing regulations governing high-rise building construction in Vietnam, the study identifies certain limitations within the regulatory framework. This investigation attempts to understand the intricate relationship between high-rise building regulation and urban traffic congestion.
The research findings hold implications for governmental agencies responsible for urban planning and policy formulation, suggesting potential adjustments to the land-use regulation in cities at high risk of traffic congestion, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This study could contribute to the broader discourse on
sustainable urban development and effective traffic management strategies.

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