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Dr. Nguyen Minh Nhat

Centre of Capacity Building and Urban Studies, Vietnam

About the speaker

Dr Nguyen Minh Nhat is currently teaching at Hanoi Architectural University. He is a scientifically educated lecturer, and achieved his professional career and education from high-ranking institutions worldwide.

He obtained his bachelor of Civil engineering at the University of Transport and Communication, Vietnam, before studying MSc at the University of Glasgow. His PhD, focusing on the area of Public – private partnership (PPP), was conducted at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Dr Nguyen Minh Nhat is specialized for areas of construction, economic, and PPP, especially for transport construction, with experience in lecturing, carrying out research, constructing transportation projects.

Presentation highlights

  • Significant contribution of the private sector to the sustainable development of the transport network.
  • Critical issues challenging participation of the private sector to urban transport projects.

Paper Abstract

Sustainable development of the transport network for urban regions in emerging markets: Significant contribution of the private sector

Upgrading the advanced transport network is essential for the expansion and development of urban areas in any nation. Long-term and massive resources are usually required to sustainably build, operate, and maintain the links. However, the gap between existing capabilities and huge demanded capital has been challenging governments worldwide as a consequence of tight public budgets. Hence, the contribution of the private sector should play an essential role in minimizing the constraints, and in fact, various arrangements have been systematically formed to encourage developers to join master plans. Nevertheless, despites the intensive efforts from the policy makers and partners, in
both developed and emerging countries, assembled schemes are not exempted from critical problems and challenges. This research, by exploring the developing regions with a focus on the context of Vietnam, attempts to analyze the barriers that are challenging the partnership between the public and private sectors in existing cooperation frameworks.
Multiple strategies to overcome these issues and close capability gaps for effectively procuring systems are also proposed. Although this paper is focused on developing contexts, the outcomes are potentially applicable in different international backgrounds with appropriate computation of local features.

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