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Dr. Nguyen Dinh Vinh Man

Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam

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Dr. NGUYEN Dinh Vinh Man is a dedicated researcher and educator passionate about traffic engineering & transport planning. His journey began with a thirst for knowledge, leading him to pursue a prestigious Ph.D. in Transportation Sciences from Universiteit Hasselt in Belgium. Before that, he honed his expertise in Traffic Engineering & Transport Planning at Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany, solidifying his foundation in innovative approaches to traffic management & mobility concepts.

Dr. NGUYEN Dinh Vinh Man’s academic record shines with a commitment to research excellence. His international and peer-reviewed journal publications testify to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field. He has actively participated in numerous domestic and international research projects, playing pivotal roles as a project secretary and principal investigator. The main research orientations of Dr. NGUYEN Dinh Vinh Man cover multidisciplinary and interdisciplinarity, including Traffic Engineering, Transport Planning, Traffic Safety Engineering, Road User Behavior, Psychology, Transporation and Public Health, and Supply Chain Management.

Beyond his research prowess, Dr. NGUYEN Dinh Vinh Man brings extensive teaching experience to the table. He has instructed both bachelor and graduate courses, including ‘Traffic Safety Engineering’, ‘Behavioral Psychology’, ‘Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning’, ‘Traffic Impact Assessment’, ‘Research Methodology’, and so on, seamlessly integrating current research findings into his curriculum.

Paper Abstract

Pathways to Low-Carbon Green Growth: Examining Policies and Innovations in Green Logistics for Vietnam

In the past decades, the contribution of emerging economies such as Vietnam to global greenhouse gas emissions has been on the rise. The study aims to explore the role of sustainable logistics in driving environmental sustainability and fostering economic development in Vietnam, specifically focusing on achieving low-carbon green growth. A systematic review and meta-analysis of existing literature within the relevant research domains are conducted to accomplish this purpose. The findings of this study reveal that the current policy frame-
work for logistics in Vietnam needs to be improved to achieve green growth and sustainable development. Through an exploration of exemplary practices and case studies, the successful implementation of some green logistics solutions in Vietnam is observed, leading to significant environmental and economic benefits.

Examining technological innovations and solutions highlights their potential contributions toward achieving low-carbon green growth. Moreover, the study emphasizes the critical role of collaboration and stakeholder engagement in promoting and implementing green logistics practices. Identifying challenges and opportunities associated with adopting sustainable logistics practices considers the influence of economic, social, and cultural factors on their implementation. In light of these findings, the paper presents policy recommendations to enhance green logistics and foster low-carbon green growth in Vietnam. Overall, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of how green logistics policies and practices can support Vietnam’s endeavors toward sustainable development and a greener future. The insights and guidance are valuable for policymakers, businesses, and stakeholders who aspire to promote sustainable logistics in Vietnam’s journey toward achieving low-carbon green growth.

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